We are glad to know that you are keen on exploring a career at Linnas Group. Linnas Group has become a home to many talented professionals by enriching their knowledge and providing opportunities for career enhancement. We welcome you to our company. In case we do not have any appropriate positions for you currently, your resume will be stored in our Human Resource Department. As and when our openings are upgraded, we will inform you. You can send your CV to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



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এক টুকরো জমি, আর ছোট একটা মাথা গোঁজার ঠাই প্রতিটি মানুষের এটা শুধু স্বপ্ন নয়, মৌলিক চাহিদা। মানুষ বাড়ছে, সেই সাথে প্রতিদিনই বাড়ছে আবাসন সংকট। মাথা গোঁজার ঠাই খুজতে মানুষ আজ দিশেহারা।


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