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Linnas Furnitures is a leading furniture manufacturer in Bahrain (Bangladesh based). The constant pursuit for achieving excellence in quality of its products and customer service has brought the company reputation and reliability along with the trust of its customer. Equipped with state-of-the-art machineries and skilled craftsman, Linnas has started exporting furniture in a limited way. When you specify a Linnas product you are guaranteed the very best quality materials available backed by a company with a proven track record and a long term commitment to customers service - which continues for long after you have made your purchase.

In the Furniture, our brand will do even more to add new contemporary slim designs furniture which will cater customer needs as they desired.


Our Recent Projects

এক টুকরো জমি, আর ছোট একটা মাথা গোঁজার ঠাই প্রতিটি মানুষের এটা শুধু স্বপ্ন নয়, মৌলিক চাহিদা। মানুষ বাড়ছে, সেই সাথে প্রতিদিনই বাড়ছে আবাসন সংকট। মাথা গোঁজার ঠাই খুজতে মানুষ আজ দিশেহারা।


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