Shiblu Tower

Secure Property Management Limited (SMPL) and Linnas Group are totally professional outfits. Organization’s strength come form dedicated professional workforce and winning customer satisfaction. The team is associated with some of the best planners, architects, engineers, financial experts and marketing professionals renowned in Bangladesh and abroad. In our organization, each area of work is departmentalized on a purely functional basis and is directed to achieve qualitative superiority.

ShibloToweris a ten storied apartment building having for units per floor totaling thirty six flats from 1st to 9th floor. The ground floor is being reserved for car parking, reception and other common utility requirements. The project is a south facing rectangle plot and located at block % b, road # 2, house # 958, South Banasree, a planned project of Eastern housing at khilgoan in Dhaka. The entrance of the project has got a 60” wide Banasree 2 Road and much closure to khilgaon circle and Goran Road. This project is nearly by the Rampura TV center. Bank, School, College, University and some important places of the city like East West University, Meradiya Bazar, Dosh Tola Market, Bonosree Central Mosque, Ideal School, Sovereign School etc. are available in this area. Enormous expecting Hatir Jheel project are situated near by the project. It is also free from flood water, hassle, traffic congestion, and air pollution.

ShibloTower is quipped with all modern facilities of the highest standards and ensures engineering soundness. The modern architecture of the apartment building adds air elegance to the building. The project has been designed to suit contemporary life styles with particulars emphasis allowing on sufficient natural light and ventilation not only to individual flats but also to common areas of the building.

Secure Property Management Limited (SPML) and Linnas Group always desire to present their valued clients something more affordable and better quality where one will get the finest affinity with one’s dream of life. Here we present a living dream like than by “You Can Win”.

These are the fundamental information of our project ShibloTower. You are cordially invited to visit the project and please feel free to contact with our dedicated professional sales team if you have any further query.


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